Mom dating cat and nat

mom dating cat and nat

Are cat and Nat your BFFs?

5.0 out of 5 starsCat and Nat are your BFFs! Reviewed in Canada on May 15, 2019 Verified Purchase This is the best of there social common world! Do you feel alone as a mom? Pick up this easy to read book and youll be apart of the most amazing community of women! Real tales of motherhood and more! Buy one for yourself and your bestie! Read more

How many kids do Cat and Nat have in the book?

Mixing memoir, humor, and advice, Cat and Nat tell never-before-told stories about the stress, guilt, joy, and laundry (oh the laundry!) of being a mom in their first book. With seven kids between them and millions of fans on social media, they get real about the parts of parenting that somehow dont make the Instagram feed.

What is CatCat&Nat?

Cat & Nat - YouTube A one of a kind digital community for moms. We share everything and anything and are known for going where no one is willing to go. We bring humour to topics...

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