Trade show matchmaking

trade show matchmaking

How does the matchmaking tool help exhibitors?

The matchmaking tool helps exhibitors and visitors to get in touch easily. Contact suggestions are made by a match in interests. This makes it much easier to arrange appointments for personal and virtual meetings during the trade fair and thus increases the chance of valuable new contacts. Prepare your trade fair visit efficiently and effectively.

Why B2B Matchmaking is important for trade shows?

Increasing the dynamics of the trade show and the participants networking opportunities facilitates new business relationships and creates a more successful and dynamic trade show. B2B matchmaking platform give you the opportunity to organize meetings with other attendees that share the same passions that you have.

What is the largest online trade show for online retailers?

Announcing the largest online trade show for online retailers and resellers… UpSellerr Trade Show! Held 3-4 times per year, UpSellerr is the largest online trade show with over 40,000+ brands and distributors in over 15 product categories.

How do I meet visitors and exhibitors from abroad?

Meet visitors and exhibitors in the virtual meeting room, organize a meeting and invite your new contacts from matchmaking to it. The virtual meeting room is a video conferencing function and is offered 24 hours a day during and shortly before/after the event. This allows you to also meet contacts from Asia or America at a time that suits you.

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