Mentorship speed dating

mentorship speed dating

How do I start a speed mentoring program?

(Sample materials available at the end of this post.) Find the right date and space. Coordinating with other activities can be ideal. Slip speed mentoring into an afternoon breakout during a campus research forum or add it before the annual mentoring awards and career development event.

How long should a mentoring session be?

For an hour long session, plan for five pairings for each person; this allows a five minute intro, nine minutes for a mentee to talk to each mentor, and two minutes for transition time between each pairing.

How do I invite mentors and mentees to my course?

Collect your pool of mentees and mentors to invite. Works best with twenty or more of each. This allows matching by research interests and career focus while avoiding pairing mentees with their own mentors or collaborators.

How do you host a mentoring event?

For the venue, aim for the sweet spot between everyone being close enough to move easily and quickly between mentors, and not being so packed together that it’s hard to hold a private conversation. Collect your pool of mentees and mentors to invite. Works best with twenty or more of each.

How to start a successful mentoring program?

We’ve got five tips to help you be successful in starting a mentoring program. 1. Create a Framework 2. Get Buy-In from Leadership 3. Use Automation to Find Potential Mentors 4. Seek Feedback from Mentors and Mentees 5. Keep an Eye Out for Program Promotors The best mentoring programs aren’t designed in a day.

What is Speed mentoring and how does it work?

With speed mentoring, a mentee is often assigned to a mentor and then given an allotted time to ask questions and seek information from the mentor. It is similar to flash mentoring, like a cross between mentoring and musical chairs. There are various formats that speed mentoring can take, including one-on-one or group mentoring .

How do you create your own high-impact mentoring program?

Read on to find out how you can create your own high-impact mentoring program in five steps. 1. Design Your Formal Mentorship Program The starting point for any mentoring program begins with two important questions: Why are you starting this program? What does success look like for participants and the organization?

What is mentoring software and how does it work?

Mentoring software allows you to deliver a wide-variety of mentoring programs. Regardless if a small or large program, mentoring software is easy to configure and will save you time and cost in getting your program started and running smoothly.

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