Lowestoft hook up

lowestoft hook up

Are you thinking of moving to Lowestoft?

If you are thinking of moving to Lowestoft, you want to know if the place is likely to put you on a downward spiral of ill health. Weve taken the healh question from the latest census to find out and how Lowestoft compares to its neighbouring local authorities.

Is Lowestoft a dangerous place to live?

Naturally the more urban and more central areas will have a higher rate of crime, but often you can be surprised when that is not the case and that is the area you want to move to. The English Indices of Deprivation also has crime statistics for Lowestoft. These statitics are published by the government every 2-3 years.

What to do in Lowestoft?

Lowestoft has two theatres and a handful of small museums in Sparrow Park alongside the main Lowestoft Museum in Nicholas Everett Park; head to the librarys local history section for more pics and info of days of yore.

How do I get from Lowestoft to London?

By rail or by road, the journey from Lowestoft to London takes about two hours and 45 minutes (with a change at Ipswich for rail travellers) – a bit too far for a daily commute, though some go to work in Norwich (45 minutes). Super-fast broadband makes Lowestoft a good place to work from home. The nearest airport is Norwich International.

Is Lowestoft Suffolk’s most easterly town?

But Lowestoft has other strings to its bow. Nudging the Norfolk border, at England’s most easterly point, it’s the only seaside town in Suffolk to sit right on the doorstep of the Broads.

Can Lowestoft put the Fizz back in?

The dedicated spotter of regeneration schemes can I-Spy decades of attempts to put the fizz back in Lowestoft, decimated by the double whammy decline of its port and its seaside punters. The middle classes, who dominate the Suffolk coast to the south, have here fled inland to the comfort of Oulton Broad. This is strange.

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